DIY Fan Mount For Photo Shoots

Portrait shot with fan, blowing hair back. Photo by Jim Newberry.

I found a relatively inexpensive fan that works well for photo shoots, but it was difficult to get it at the proper height. Here’s how I mounted it on a light stand, so it can easily be adjusted to any height.

Fan mounted to light stand for photo shoots.


  • Lightweight fan with mounting holes. I used a Lasko 3520 20″ Cyclone fan. It’s lightweight and pivots; it can point straight ahead or angled up, and the mounting holes are slotted so you can easily attach and remove the fan from the mounting board.
  • Mounting board. For the Lasko fan I used a 2′ 1×6, common pine (Home Depot had 4′ lengths, with a hand saw available which I used to trim it).
  • Super clamp. I used a Manfrotto Super Clamp.
  • Wood screws, short enough to not protrude through the board.


Place the fan on the board, mark the board where the mounting holes are. Install the screws, leaving space to slide the fan on. Attach the Super Clamp to a sturdy stand, clamp the board, and attach the fan.




There are clip-mount and other smaller fans available that might be easier to wrangle. I put this together because I already owned the fan (originally bought for cooling my apartment).

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