How To Paint With Light

Painting with light, using a flashlight.

This is pretty simple, but you need to experiment for a while to get it right. To do this you’ll need a room that can be made completely dark; a flashlight (I used a mini Maglite), a camera with manual (“M”) setting, and a tripod.

  1. Put your camera on a tripod. Set the camera to “M” manual mode. You’ll need to experiment with different exposure settings. The photo above was shot at 30 second shutter speed, f11, at ISO 400.
  2. For very long shutter speeds, it helps to use a remote shutter release, or use your self-timer, so you don’t move the camera with your hand while depressing the shutter.
  3. Turn off the room lights so it’s completely dark. Release the shutter, and play! Draw with the flashlight, from far away, or very close. If you don’t want to be seen in the shot, it helps to wear black clothes, and be careful not to point the flashlight at yourself or illuminate things that you’re standing in front of.

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