Nimslo 3D Film Camera

Nimslo camera. Photo by Jim Newberry

Nimslo quick facts:

  • uses regular 35mm film
  • not too hard to find used (around $30 on ebay)
  • takes three 386 type button batteries
  • you can view and/or download the¬†manual here
  • shots can be used to make lenticular prints, GIFs, or half frame still photos
  • there was a Nimslo flash made for this, but any flash should work (I’ve used Canon speedlites)


The Nimslo is a 3D, four-lens film camera, that was made for a brief time in the 1980s. It shoots four different images simultaneously (unlike multi-lens cameras that shoot a sequence of images a fraction of a second apart), each one from a very slightly different viewpoint, which allows for 3D viewing via lenticular prints (think blinky-eye, ridged postcards, or the original cover of the Stones’ Their Satanic Majesties Request). The camera takes regular 35mm film.

John Herndon shot with Nimslo camera. Photo by Jim Newberry.

Nimslo negative: four shots, one image. (subject: John Herndon)

John Herndon Nimslo GIF by Jim Newberry.

Set of four Nimslo frames together in a GIF file.






2 Comments Nimslo 3D Film Camera

  1. James Newberry

    You are a priceless resource for all of us who seek to extend our knowledge of the possible in image-making!

    Is it still possible to have lenticular prints made?

    Thank you!

  2. Jim Newberry

    Thanks! Yes, there are companies that currently make lenticular prints, I’m doing research into that now.


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